SweetSinner – Cherie DeVille Getting Everything You Want (02.02.2018)

Mark, a professor at Elle’s university, shares with her the secret to getting anything you might want – inflate the truth about who you are. Seem more important and people will believe you’re more important. A skeptical Elle tells Mark it’s ultimately lying and would never work out. But Mark is quick to share his story about how it worked with him and his wife, Cherie DeVille. Apparently on Mark’s first date with Cherie DeVille, he pretended to be a successful Hollywood producer and brought her back to his friend’s mansion in the Hollywood Hills – he told her it was his. Impressed by his wealth and prestige, Cherie quickly succumbs to Mark’s sexual advances, pulling out her gigantic tits and sliding her wet pussy all over his rock hard dick. Convinced that her own social status will change by landing a man of his stature, Cherie makes sure that this is the best fuck of Mark’s life – milking him of every ounce of sweat and cum.