SexArt – Henessy Fuck Me Again And Again (08.08.2018)

Gorgeous brunette Henessy A is lying on her bed, her neatly trimmed bush covered in cum, as Alis Locanta’s erotic movie “Fuck Me Again And Again” begins. She wipes it up with her fingers and feeds it into her mouth, then puts on her panties and rubs the gooey mess into her slit as she plays with her pussy. Henessy heads into the bathroom to find ebony stud Jesus Reyes in the shower, her T-shirt getting soaked as she kisses him voraciously. Pressing her body against his, she reaches for his cock; he’s hard for her in seconds and she kneels and takes his thick dick into her mouth greedily, jerking him off and sucking on his balls, bobbing her head up and down his shaft, hungry for more cum. Jesus grabs her hair as she deepthroats him hands free, strings of saliva stretching from his rod to her sexy lips whenever she comes up for air. Leading her man to the bed, Henessy lies back and pulls him on top of her. He sucks on her stiff nipples, making her writhe with arousal, and peels off her sticky panties, then spreads her legs and licks her slit, lapping at her clit until she’s shuddering with pleasure. Now he pushes his long cock into her tight pink pussy, driving in hard, fucking her steadily, speeding up as Henessy moans and clutches at him. She rolls over, raising one knee to give him room to fuck her from behind as she lies on her belly. Easing his way in, Jesus thrusts into her, accelerating to a furious pace that triggers her orgasm. Eager to see him cum, Henessy sucks and jerks Jesus vigorously until he shoots his load for her, both of them finally sated… for now.

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