PureTaboo – Khloe Kapri, Ryan Keely, Carter Cruise Second Parents (22.05.2018)

TEEN FUCKED BY BEST FRIEND’S PARENTS AT FAMILY HOLIDAY. SCENE OPENS as Sarah, a typical teenage girl, drives through a suburban neighborhood. She’s on her way to pick up Karen, her best friend, to celebrate the July 4th weekend at her parents’ house. She pulls up to the curb and finds Karen waiting at the end of her driveway. Tote bag in hand, she hops in the front seat and the pair drive off. The two 18-year-old girls have been close since they were kids and, now that they have both recently graduated from high school, this will be the last holiday they spend together before college. It has been a longstanding tradition that Karen spends the weekend with Sarah’s family, since they always plan better Independence Day activities than her own…

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