BlackValleyGirls – Julie Kay Beat Out By The Black Girl (29.10.2017)

Julie Kay and Candice Dare have been competing to go out on a date with one of the hottest and richest guys in the valley. The day came where they both had a date scheduled with him, and only the baddest, hottest, and most prompt girl would be able to make the cut! Julie and Candice arrive at Nathan’s door at almost the same exact time. There were a few extra seconds for them to talk shit about each other, then Nathan opened the door. His eyes and cock instantly pointed towards his nubian princess Julie Kay. She was looking quite fuckable. As for Candice, she can go kick rocks, it’s Julie’s time to shine now. They made their way inside where Julie began to show Nathan how Black Valley Girls really get down. She deepthroated his throbbing cock until she gagged and even was able to give Candice the middle finger as she sadly watched Julie fucking her dream guy from the backyard window. Julie continued to spread her well off brown pussy to its limits. She even let nathan cum all over it. We can compare this cumshot to the most delectable piece of chocolate cake drizzled with a generous portion of pearly white icing. Only the best for our Black Valley Girls!

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