BackroomCastingCouch – Veronica (10.09.2018)

Looking a bit like a 1990’s Halle Berry with bigger tits, 20 year old cashier Veronica and her 32DDs may well be one of the hottest cashiers in the State, although those faded tape lines around her nipples tell me she might be moonlighting doing something other than ring up people’s discount pork and 3-for-$1 avocados. Doesn’t matter, we’re happy she’s sitting her fine ass on my couch and judging by how incredibly wet her pussy is right after the interview, apparently she is too. Compliant, sexy, flirty, Veronica tries a butt plug and it looks like she enjoys the sensation enough to try a dick in the ass later. My guest stud today is KJ, a big dick workout fanatic with muscles that have more muscles. Veronica digs his physique and she has no qualms sucking on that cock like it’s a gigantic tamarind lollipop. She enjoys KJ’s hard and fast fucking but anal just isn’t happening. We can thank the ex boyfriend who tried to ram it in her butt without lube a few years back. Thanks for ruining that for the rest of us. Anyway, after thoroughly getting fucked, KJ unleashes a big load of cum over Veronica’s gorgeous face. We make her get herself off, cum still absorbing into her face. Free facial cream, she should be paying us. Speaking of, Veronica doesn’t mind that today’s audition isn’t paid. She’s had fun with our stud and got her ego boosted, and we think that’s all she really needed. Back to doing price checks on those tres leches cakes before they get too soggy to …nevermind.

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