Analized – Vivienne Wynter Real Prostitute Fantasy (12.09.2018)

Vivienne Wynter is a slutty girlfriend who has a fantasy she wants to live out. This big boobs MILF has a dream of being a real prostitute. Her fantasy is to be passed around and whored out to all her man’s friends. She doesn’t care if he gives her away for free or charges. As long as she is filled up with cock and treated like a useless cum rag, then Vivienne will be happy. She talks dirty to the camera and makes all her fantasies clear. She obeys every command from her boyfriend who instructs her to be the biggest whore she possibly can. Vivienne is happy to follow these instructions. Vivienne Wynter flashes her shaved pussy by lifting her skirt. She bends over to spread her asshole. Vivienne says there are no holes off limits today. She crawls around the room trying to turn everyone on the best she can. She presents her perfectly formed ass and is excited for what is going to happen next. It’s time for this sexy hooker to be fucked up her tight asshole by a huge cock. Vivienne Wynter can barely contain her excitement as she is instructed to beg like a good whore for the big black cock. She worships the monster cock with her mouth. Vivienne does everything she can to impress both her big black cock lover as well as her boyfriend who is watching the hot wife being a good whore. Little time is wasted before Vivienne Wynter is getting anal fucked. She can barely take the huge cock in her tight asshole, but she is determined. With her legs spread as wide as possible, Vivienne holds tight as each inch of the monster cock is pushed into her tightest hole. Each thrust into her asshole leads Vivienne closer to her dream. Vivienne Wynter is feeling sluttier than ever. She is laying on her back with a stranger’s cock deep in her asshole, dirty talking and loving every second. She is ready to go on this anal fucking ride. Vivienne is placed on top of her man’s huge cock. She rides him reverse cowgirl with her type ass. In and out her now loose and fucked up hole. The harder he fucks her asshole, the more Vivienne cums. She bends over doggy style to take the big black cock in her ass from behind. By now she is a real whore. She is able to be pounded up her asshole and wrecked. Vivienne was born to be a filthy fuck slut and used for the enjoyment of men.

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